What is trivago Book & Go?

With trivago Book & Go we provide services throughout the booking process by enabling you to select a room and facilitate the reservation between you and selected booking sites and accommodation providers. With trivago Book & Go we promote offers for accommodation in cooperation with selected partners who operate online booking sites. We believe that through our trusted brand and the services of trivago Book & Go, we can learn and give you a better and more consistent overview of all the information you need when considering booking a deal.

We collect a fixed percentage fee from those selected partners for any bookings that you ultimately make. Please note that we are not a party to any booking agreement between you and our selected partners who operate the online booking sites. We do not collect any payments from you for your stay. Any hotel product or service booked, and after-booking support is provided by one of our selected partners. We always aim to clearly inform you about who our selected partner is, before clicking on “Confirm booking” on the checkout page.

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