What is Weekend?

Weekend is a great way to get inspirational content on destinations close enough to you for a quick getaway. The Weekend page offers an alternative route to book your ideal accommodation or simply to browse for ideas on places to go for quick trips.

With Weekend, you are shown destinations based on where they are located in relation to your current or selected location, then sorted so that destinations with the most content for you to explore are listed first. Accommodation recommendations are based on guest ratings (at least 7.5). The accommodation at the top of the list is one that offers a rate that’s typically at least 10% cheaper than trivago’s forecasted rate.

trivago’s forecasted rate is calculated using the mid-point clicked on by users of our sites over the past six months for the property in question, adjusted for seasonal effects. Our forecast also takes into account rates for the room occupancy search. However, it does not adjust for different room types and amenities (e.g. free breakfast, free cancellation) that may be included in the group of rates used to determine the forecast.

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