What is trivago Activities?

Looking for tours, events or attractions? You can find them on trivago! We cooperate with providers of destination travel products to help you find the type of activity you are looking for. We offer you access to tours, events, attractions, cruises, transfers and other activities. Sounds pretty great, huh?

We collect a fixed percentage fee from these providers for any bookings that you ultimately make. We are not a party to any booking agreement between you and the provider of any destination travel product. We do not collect any payments from you for your destination travel product and are not liable for the services offered by the provider of any destination travel product.

If you have an issue and require assistance or would like to submit a complaint, please send an email to support@musement.com. The provider’s user support will then revert to you shortly.

For additional assistance, you can also reach out to us by clicking on the contact form link. On the contact form, select the issue/request that best suits your needs, fill out all necessary information fields, then click "Submit". We will then revert to you shortly.

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