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Who do I contact to cancel or modify my booking?

To cancel or change your booking, it’s always best to speak to the booking site directly. Can't remember who you booked with? You can find the travel provider's name on your confirmation email.

For tips on how to contact your booking site, read our full FAQ here!

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Where is my booking confirmation?

We would love to be able to provide that information but as bookings are not made directly with trivago, we don't have access to your booking information. It’s always best to speak to the booking site directly. 

In some cases, it may take up to 72 hours for the booking site to send the booking confirmation. Can’t remember who you booked with? Don't worry! Check out our tips below.

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Search your email for keywords relating to your planned trip; the booking confirmation may have gone to your spam folder.

Nothing in there? Let’s try step 2.

If the booking site has taken payment already, their name may appear next to the outgoing payment on your credit card, PayPal or bank statement.

Still nothing? No worries! There’s still hope!  

Try checking your internet browser history for the day you booked, the name of the booking site should appear right after “trivago” in your browser history.

Need a hand checking your browser history? Click here!

No? One more step to go!  

Try recreating your original search on trivago to match the booking you did (i.e. same destination, same dates, same hotel) and click on what looks familiar.

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How do I search for my ideal hotel?

Scanning hundreds of booking sites, trivago compares millions of hotel prices to make your search easier. Need help finding the ideal hotel? 

Use our filter menu to narrow your search. This will help you find something that’s just right for you. Once you’ve found your ideal hotel, click on the deal and you’ll be redirected to the booking site to make your reservation. Need more? Read our full FAQ here.

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