How trivago works

  • What is the difference between trivago and a booking site?

    trivago is a metasearch engine that compares accommodation prices and offers provided to us by many different booking sites globally, including online travel agencies (OTAs), accommodation chains and independent hotels. This means that while users decide on trivago which hotel best suits their needs, the booking process itself is completed through the booking sites, which are linked to our website. You can find out more about how our site works here.

    Meanwhile, a booking site or Online Travel Agency (OTA) is a web-based marketplace that allows consumers to research and book travel products and services, including hotels, flights, cars, cruises, activities and more, directly with travel suppliers.

    The hotel or booking site is mentioning a ‘Room Supplier’ - who or what is this?!

    In order to facilitate customer booking requests, some booking sites will work with room suppliers. Room Suppliers are companies that purchase rooms from accommodation providers in bulk and, in turn, sell them on to booking sites, travel agents or tour operators. They sell directly to other businesses and do not have any direct dealings with consumers - this part is left to the booking sites!

    It can sometimes happen that the reservation details will initially be recorded in the hotel’s booking management system under the supplier’s name and the guest’s personal details will not be released until closer to the arrival date. For any questions regarding the status of your reservation, it’s always best to contact the booking site you booked with directly.

    Other frequently asked questions…

  • What is trivago?

    We are a metasearch engine that compares accommodation prices and offers provided to us by many different online booking sites.  We compare and display different offers from many booking sites, and they pay us a fee if a user clicks on their specific deal. We are not a party to any booking agreement between you and the site or accommodation you book with. We do not collect any payments for your stay and are not liable for the services offered by the booking site and the accommodation provider.

    trivago works with many booking sites worldwide, including online travel agencies, as well as accommodation chains and independent hotels. In total, trivago’s sites cover more than 2.5 million hotels and other types of accommodations across approximately 190 countries.

  • What is Weekend?

    Weekend is a great way to get inspirational content on destinations close enough to you for a quick getaway. The Weekend page offers an alternative route to book your ideal accommodation or simply to browse for ideas on places to go for quick trips.

    With Weekend, you are shown destinations based on where they are located in relation to your current or selected location, then sorted so that destinations with the most content for you to explore are listed first. Accommodation recommendations are based on guest ratings (at least 7.5). The accommodation at the top of the list offers a rate that’s typically at least 10% cheaper than trivago’s forecasted rate.

    trivago’s forecasted rate is calculated using the mid-point clicked on by users of our sites over the past six months for the property in question, adjusted for seasonal effects. Our forecast also takes into account rates for the room occupancy search. However, it does not adjust for different room types and amenities (e.g. free breakfast, free cancellation) that may be included in the group of rates used to determine the forecast.

  • What is trivago Activities?

    Looking for tours, events or attractions? You can find them on trivago! We work with providers of destination travel products to help you find the type of activity you're looking for. We offer you access to tours, events, attractions, cruises, transfers and other activities. Sounds pretty great, huh?

    We collect a fixed percentage fee from these providers for any bookings that you end up making. We are not a party to any booking agreement between you and the provider of any destination travel product. We do not collect any payments from you for your destination travel product and are not liable for the services offered by the provider of any destination travel product.

    If you have an issue and require assistance or would like to submit a complaint, please send an email to The provider’s user support will then get back to you shortly.

    For additional assistance, you can also reach out to us by clicking on the contact form link. On the contact form, select the issue/request that best suits your needs, fill out all necessary information fields, then click "Submit". We will then get back to you shortly.

  • How does trivago determine the ‘our recommendations’ sort?

    The ‘our recommendations’ feature is based on a dynamic algorithm that shows you a range of attractive and relevant offers we think you’re going to love. In the ‘top position’ we display in green the offer which our algorithm recommends as a great offer. Our algorithm takes into account a number of relevant factors, such as your search criteria (for example your location and stay dates), the offer’s price, its general attractiveness and the accuracy of the rates provided to us by the booking sites. We also take into account the compensation booking sites provide us with when a user clicks on an offer. 

    To the left of the ‘top position’ offer and/or under the ‘more deals from’ tab, we display additional offers to allow you to compare other deals for the same accommodation. You may find offers under the ‘more deals from’ slide-out section with a lower price than the ‘top position’ offer. While price is an important factor when selecting our ‘top position’ offer, we believe other factors, such as those mentioned above, make offers attractive and relevant to you, and contribute to high levels of satisfaction by our users. 

    Ultimately, our mission is to give you the information and tools to help you find your ideal accommodation.

  • What factors do trivago’s alternative sort filters take into account?

    You can use alternative sort filters to help you explore the different accommodation offers on our site. You can sort your results thanks to the drop-down menu on our search results page which, in addition to ‘our recommendations’ sort, allows you to sort, according to additional or different factors, by: ‘rating & recommended’, ‘price & recommended’ and ‘distance & recommended’. These options combine ‘our recommendations’ sort (which is described above) with a focus on either ratings, price or location; it’s up to you! 

    If you have a preference for accommodations with strong positive ratings (over location or price) the ‘rating & recommended’ sort will boost the importance of ratings in your search results. If you’re all about location, location, location, you can boost the location factor in our algorithm by choosing the ‘distance & recommended’ option. Keep in mind though that the distance filter default is from the city centre. If you want to change this to a different point of interest, such as a top attraction, you can use the additional filter option under “Location” of our site to select your preference. Did someone say Eiffel Tower? 

    Alternatively, you can rank accommodation offers according to only rating, price or location. This removes the ‘our recommendation’ sort algorithm from the ranking process, except for offers which are the same based on your chosen setting, i.e. which have the same rating, price or location. In these cases we use ‘our recommendations’ sort to determine the order of these accommodations. 

    You can also apply other filter options to your search, such as ‘WiFi’, ‘spa’, or even ‘pet friendly’ if you fancy bringing pooch along on the holiday too. These options are found under the “More filters” tab.

  • Why is it possible that there may be a different price on the booking site than on trivago?

    We are a metasearch engine that compares accommodation offers, not a booking site. When you click on an accommodation offer, we transfer you to the booking site that is offering you the deal you have chosen.

    trivago works with many different websites, and the rates and availability they provide us with change constantly. trivago frequently updates its site to try to ensure that the information you see on our site is correct. On occasion though, you may not find the exact same offer you clicked on when you land on the booking site. This can be for a number of reasons. Perhaps the booking site gave us inaccurate information, or maybe they have sold out of the rates they offered us – everyone loves a good deal!

    In this case, we recommend clearing your cache and performing the search again.  If the discrepancy is still there, please contact us so we can deal with the issue ASAP. 

  • How does trivago protect personal information & why does trivago use cookies?

    We take protecting your personal information very seriously! For details concerning how we use and protect your personal information, please see here.

    When you use our services, we may collect information using cookies. Something you eat? Not in this case; cookies are small data files that are stored in a user’s browser when they visit a website. The use of cookies allows us to offer you a more personalized experience on our site - win-win situation, right? For more information on this, please see here.

    Still have questions? Reach out.

  • How does trivago determine its guest ratings?

    We scan many available guest review and rating sources across the web on a daily basis. We aggregate these reviews and ratings, and convert them using our Rating Index® that ranges from 0 to 10 (10 is the highest possible rating). You can find more details in relation to accommodation-specific ratings by clicking on the accommodation’s guest rating score.

    For further information relating to our rating system, please see here.

  • More about trivago as a company

    Expedia, Inc. owns the majority of shares in trivago. For further information in relation to our company, please see here.

    For trivago's postal address and email address, see here.

  • Our complaints handling procedures

    If you have an issue and require assistance, we recommend checking out our FAQs. Here, you should hopefully be able to find the answer to your question.

    Alternatively, if you would like to submit a complaint or require additional assistance, click on the contact form link. On the contact form, select the issue/request that best suits your needs, fill out all necessary information fields, then click "Submit". We will then revert to you shortly.

  • How to contact trivago user support: email or phone-call?

    If you are experiencing any issues with our platform, have a suggestion for a new feature, or would like to share your thoughts on anything else related to trivago, please click here to get in touch.

    Your feedback helps us continuously improve our product and create the best possible experience for you. 

    While we don't have a direct phone number, you should be able to find the answer to your problem in one of our articles, here are some of the most frequently asked:  

    As a metasearch, trivago is not directly involved in the booking or payment process, so if your question relates to these topics, please reach out to the booking site directly.

  • Contacting the booking site

    If you need to get in touch with the booking site you used, most contact information can be found at the bottom of your booking confirmation. Alternatively, booking sites have a contact page, where you will likely find all contact details including direct phone numbers to the booking site’s support centre. 

    Can't remember who you booked with? You can find the travel provider's name on your confirmation email. If you can’t find your booking confirmation, click here for tips.

     You can use our handy search form below to find their contact page.

  • What is Partner Score?

    Partner Scores are how we rate the reliability of our booking partners’ prices. 5 out of 5 dots is the best Partner Score a booking site can have, meaning it’s more likely that the price info you see on trivago is what you’ll get on that booking partner’s site. Low Partner Scores (fewer green dots) is a sign that the partner in question may have shown one price to travellers on trivago and another on their own site. How frequently this happens and how drastic the difference is influences the Partner Score.
    Why would the price I see on trivago not match what’s on the partner site?
    There are a few reasons the price you see on trivago may be or appear inaccurate. Here are some things you should check to determine if you’ve really encountered a price mismatch:
    1. Are both trivago and the booking site you selected displaying the deal you picked in the same currency? Sometimes the prices only appear inaccurate because the currency used to display the price of the accommodation changed when you changed sites.
    2. Are prices being shown with or without extra taxes and fees?                                 

    trivago displays prices differently depending on the locale (e.g. net rate, gross rate, or all-inclusive rate). This should be consistent with rates displayed on the booking site, but may be the reason for a mismatch.
    3. Is the deal you found on trivago not prominently displayed on the booking site you were transferred to? Take a closer look at the page. It may be the case that the specific deal you wanted is listed in a less obvious spot. 
    4. How long were you browsing your search results on trivago?                                                 

    This might be a case of unlucky timing. Sometimes prices change in the time you’re looking through the list of accommodations that matched your search on trivago.  
    5. Is the difference between what you see on trivago and what you see on the booking site very close?                       

    It may be that trivago rounded up to the nearest whole amount while the booking site rounded down which makes the difference in price appear larger than it really is. 

  • What is trivago Protection?

    With trivago you can compare offers from booking sites across the web and easily find the ideal price for your ideal accommodation. But our commitment to you doesn't stop when you find a great deal!

    We also want to be able to support in case your booking site loses or cancels your booking, you have help getting your money back. That’s why we came up with trivago Protection.

    We want you to have the travel experience you want.


    How it works

    So, how do you get trivago Protection, you ask? It’s easy: just create or log in to your trivago account (It’s free!) and make sure to book a deal marked by the trivago Protection logo.

    And if you’re having trouble resolving an issue you’re not at fault for with your selected booking site, submit a claim here so we can help you get a refund. 

    That’s it. 

    No extra sign up. 

    No fees. 

    Just some extra peace of mind, courtesy of trivago Protection.



    Who’s protected by trivago Protection?

    All trivago members who were logged in when they booked a qualifying deal on any of the following platforms:,,

    What offers are eligible?

    Any offer marked with the trivago Protection logo qualifies for this program!

    How am I protected by trivago Protection?

    We’ll strive to work with everyone involved to come to an informed decision about the claim and may provide you and our partner booking sites access to identifying relevant information about one another to help figure things out.

    We are committed to carefully reviewing your request and considering whether a refund is appropriate (e.g., overbooking, cancellations, erroneous or fraudulent bookings, failure to forward paid booking fees to the accommodation), should the booking site refuse a refund and it can be proven that such a refund cannot be made through your insurance or payment service provider.

    Is trivago Protection a kind of insurance?

    No, trivago Protection is not an insurance or warranty program.

    For which cases does trivago Protection not apply?

    trivago Protection doesn’t apply to events outside of trivago or the booking partner's control like natural disasters and cancellations you make for your own personal reasons.

    If your booking has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, please click here for our travel advice and support FAQs.