What is Partner Score?

Partner Scores are how we rate the reliability of our booking partners’ prices. 5 out of 5 dots is the best Partner Score a booking site can have, meaning it’s more likely that the price info you see on trivago is what you’ll get on that booking partner’s site. Low Partner Scores (fewer green dots) is a sign that the partner in question may have shown one price to travellers on trivago and another on their own site. How frequently this happens and how drastic the difference is influences the Partner Score.
Why would the price I see on trivago not match what’s on the partner site?
There are a few reasons the price you see on trivago may be or appear inaccurate. Here are some things you should check to determine if you’ve really encountered a price mismatch:
1. Are both trivago and the booking site you selected displaying the deal you picked in the same currency? Sometimes the prices only appear inaccurate because the currency used to display the price of the accommodation changed when you changed sites.
2. Are prices being shown with or without extra taxes and fees?                                 

trivago displays prices differently depending on the locale (e.g. net rate, gross rate, or all-inclusive rate). This should be consistent with rates displayed on the booking site, but may be the reason for a mismatch.
3. Is the deal you found on trivago not prominently displayed on the booking site you were transferred to? Take a closer look at the page. It may be the case that the specific deal you wanted is listed in a less obvious spot. 
4. How long were you browsing your search results on trivago?                                                 

This might be a case of unlucky timing. Sometimes prices change in the time you’re looking through the list of accommodations that matched your search on trivago.  
5. Is the difference between what you see on trivago and what you see on the booking site very close?                       

It may be that trivago rounded up to the nearest whole amount while the booking site rounded down which makes the difference in price appear larger than it really is. 

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