What factors do trivago’s alternative sort filters take into account?

You can use alternative sort filters to help you explore the different accommodation offers on our site. You can sort your results thanks to the drop-down menu on our search results page which, in addition to ‘our recommendations’ sort, allows you to sort, according to additional or different factors, by: ‘rating & recommended’, ‘price & recommended’ and ‘distance & recommended’. These options combine ‘our recommendations’ sort (which is described above) with a focus on either ratings, price or location; it’s up to you! 

If you have a preference for accommodations with strong positive ratings (over location or price) the ‘rating & recommended’ sort will boost the importance of ratings in your search results. If you’re all about location, location, location, you can boost the location factor in our algorithm by choosing the ‘distance & recommended’ option. Keep in mind though that the distance filter default is from the city centre. If you want to change this to a different point of interest, such as a top attraction, you can use the additional filter option under “Location” of our site to select your preference. Did someone say Eiffel Tower? 

Alternatively, you can rank accommodation offers according to only rating, price or location. This removes the ‘our recommendation’ sort algorithm from the ranking process, except for offers which are the same based on your chosen setting, i.e. which have the same rating, price or location. In these cases we use ‘our recommendations’ sort to determine the order of these accommodations. 

You can also apply other filter options to your search, such as ‘WiFi’, ‘spa’, or even ‘pet friendly’ if you fancy bringing pooch along on the holiday too. These options are found under the “More filters” tab.

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