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  • What's included in the price?

    All taxes and additional fees are included in the price displayed on our website.

    Prices are displayed per room and per night.

    Please double-check all information on the booking site before completing your reservation.

    The prices shown come from numerous accommodations and booking websites and are not set by trivago. If you have a question about a specific price please contact the booking site offering the deal. The booking site’s name is displayed next to the price. 

    If the price changed when you were redirected to the booking site click here for further information. 




  • How do I report an error?

    If the accommodation, location, or room type you have received is incorrect, or you are experiencing any other issues regarding your booking that you believe is an error on trivago, please get in touch here.  

    Be sure to attach a full copy of your booking confirmation and any further details that help explain the issue.  

    To inquire about the status of your booking or cancel your reservation, please contact the booking site directly. 

  • How do I get more information on a deal?

    Please contact the booking site or accommodation provider offering the deal directly. 

    You’ll see their name clearly displayed next to the price on trivago, and you can find their contact details here.   

    Click here to find out more about how prices are displayed on trivago.  

  • How do I know if the booking site is legitimate?

    Before displaying rates from a booking site on trivago, we conduct a background check and continuously monitor their performance to ensure their legitimacy. 


    If you’re having trouble contacting them or would like to leave a comment regarding their performance, please click here.  

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel advice

    The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting travel around the world. Restrictions have been placed on travel to certain locations and there may be limitations to the availability of accommodations . These restrictions may limit or entirely prohibit your ability to travel and/or stay in hotels or other forms of accommodation. We encourage you to check if travel and staying in accommodation in your chosen location is possible and to book fully refundable tickets and accommodation if possible. 

    We want to equip you with the information you need, so that whether you choose to stay home or choose to check in, you can feel secure in your travel decision.

    Below are the most pressing FAQs from our users.  

    As the situation is rapidly changing, we highly encourage you to check official government sources often to stay as up-to-date as possible.

    From all of us at trivago: stay safe and stay healthy. 


    I have accommodation booked, but want to change my booking. What do I do?

    The quickest and best way to find out if your travel plans can be changed without a penalty will be to check the booking site directly. Any credit, refund or change will be at the discretion of the booking site. If you are unsure which site you booked with, you can find the travel provider's name and contact information on your confirmation email. For more information on how to contact your booking site, read our full FAQ here.


    The website I booked with is not responding to my request to change or cancel.

    Many travelers are trying to change or cancel their bookings right now and our booking site partners are experiencing high number of customer requests. To help ease the strain, many are temporarily prioritizing travelers with the most immediate needs. We have compiled the help services for some of our major booking sites below.






    Premier Inn








    What are my options if I want to book a hotel now?

    We encourage you to check if travel and staying in accommodation of your chosen location is possible and to book fully refundable tickets and accommodation if possible.

    On trivago, you can continue to browse deals and compare prices from the major booking sites. We recognize that flexibility is key during times like these, so free cancellation deals are at your fingertips. Just be sure to double check the exact terms of cancellation on the booking site you choose. We want you to be able to make the decision to stay or go when the time is right for you.